Our Story

To put it simply, we wanted to create a brand that was completely inclusive and can be worn by everyone whether you be a creative, or just someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, DRIP CARTEL is the brand for you..

Our products are designed by creatives, for creatives and every detail is designed to perfection in house. Our team is extremely small, and this is to make sure that every decision and action is authentic and for true meaning. Each product is individually designed by us, so you won't find our products anywhere else, they are simply exclusive to us.

“Stay humble, stay unique, because at the end of the day personality is always better when you're on the ground”



Exclusive Designs

All of our products are designed in-house which means they are one-of-a-kind, you will not find these anywhere else.

In-House Team

Our team is extremely small, this is to make sure that even decision made is as authentic as possible.

"Dress Right It Pays"

Our main slogan "Dress Right It Pays" speaks for itself, and our products make that become an easy reality.


Happy customers



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